We often make our passion for one thing our obsession. When people ask me, what is that one thing I am passionate about? I end up staring in blank space and not coming up with an appropriate answer. I don’t get the concept of, “that one big dream”. How can a person be so driven by one thing his entire life?

We humans hate chaos so much so that we create types and categories. Ask anyone to describe themselves and the first thing that they’d say would have so much to do with their profession. I am a doctor, photographer, writer, teacher, dancer, well you get my point.

Our entire identity is based upon our passion. Our passion describes us. That is INSANE.

I mean come on, I can never be one person throughout. It’s just hard to let my love for something describe me or provide me with an identity.

Why are we so adamant about putting ourselves in pre-defined categories. I am human, a soul, so are you and I would like to know what and who you are apart from your, “identity” that you identify with.